Industries and References

Industries (selection):

  • Food industry: medium-sized enterprises, market-leading companies, several global brands
  • Aviation industry: airlines, aviation consulting company
  • Health and health care: a market-leading company, hospital associations
  • Brands and consumer goods industries: several global players
  • Infrastructure: various global and national players
  • Political, administrative and public institutions : electoral and voting campaigns, two federal ministries, state agencies and public authorities and community governments
  • Culture: various national and international active institutions
  • Banks and financial services: regional bank, banking association, insurance company, global bank
  • Real estate industry: various associations, organizations and businesses
  • National and international tourism
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Associations and organizations from different sectors

Selected references for crisis communication:

  • Communication consultancy for an important german shipyard before and during a friendly takeover
  • Counseling of a private fair carrier during a conflict with a global fair company
  • Supervision of a resident-initiative during the process of the settlement of a conflict about an unlawful building construction
  • Counseling of a temporary employment agency relating to internal conflicts, which had been leaked out to the public
  • Crisis communication for companies of various industries
  • Counsulting with medium-sized companies with internal conflicts
  • Counsoulting with companies in food industry during conflict situations
  • Advising a company in the food industry during a recall action
  • Assisting a company in the infrastructure industry during an internal dispute
  • Consulting with a company during a public and legal conflict with a competitor
  • Counseling an association in dealing with obvious law violations of law by a former member
  • Communications advice for a company against which a media investigations was in process
  • Advice and support to a falsely accused food producer
  • Advice and support to a public organization during a lenghty, medially-guided conflict
  • Advising an organization in defending the negative regional consequences of its insolvency
  • Defense against medially placed false allegations about a food producer in Saxony –Anhalt
  • Steering the communications of a leading company in the health sector, which  had come under media criticism
  • Defense against false media allegations made about a food manufacturer
  • Communications advice to members of an organization with internal conflicts, which had become public
  • Communications advice for a company, which had gone bankrupt, to gain positive press coverage of the successful new beginning
  • Steering the communications of a food producer with media critique problems in another  European country
  • Two management tasks to turn around companies in crisis.

Selected references for political communication :

  • Counseling of a party-affiliated company during a conflict with connections to federal politics
  • Advising a company with project conflicts in a politically difficult environment
  • Advising a company in long- term strategic and political communication
  • Consultation with stakeholders during various referendums
  • Campaign strategy, communication consulting and strategic support of the referendum “We want to learn!” in Hamburg, as well as the implementation of its online campaign
  • Press and media relations as well as design, organization and implementation of the campaign and referendum „We want to learn!“ in Hamburg
  • Preparation, counseling and support of a merger of six local authorities
  • Initiation and establishment of a communication campaign for civic involvement in a banking group
  • Foundation, development and campaigning of „Deutschland liest vor“.

Selected online references:

  • Various websites for companies and institutions
  • Various social media presences
  • Video productions for various companies and institutions – also in the crisis communication segment.

Selected references for infrastructure and real estate communication:

  • Counseling of two investors in a conflict with a resident-initiative about a housing construction
  • Supervision of two investors during the implementation of a building project, which had been blocked by a resident-initiative and the political opposition
  • Advice to a construction company with  a housing project conflict
  • Strategic communications consulting for the management of a real estate fund
  • Advising a company in the real estate industry
  • Communications consultancy for the repositioning of a shopping center
  • Issues and media training of an international company for its European infrastructure project


  • Monitoring of politics, stakeholders and the internet for a European energy company
  • Media-monitoring for a public services company in Northern Germany
  • Media-monitoring for a private fair carrier