Environmental Communication

Environmental Communication

The environmental communication for or against certain construction projects became more dominant over the years and is an important part of the public agenda. Most commonly it deals with nature- and environmental certificates and their interpretation.

Frank Solms Nebelung, a studied and degreed biologist formerly founded a referee office that was specialized on the sole interpretation of nature- and environmental certificates. He and his team worked for unions, public institutions and corporations. Today, we provide this additional qualification to our clients.

Consequently, the editorial revision and summary of environmental certificates, distribution and communication of results as well as drawing attention to its weaknesses are part of our services. Based on the according results we help to set up a sustainable communication strategy and to develop a well-reasoned dialogue with critiques and advocates of controversial construction projects.

Our Services:

  • Summary of environmental studies and certificates
  • Communicative support regarding conflicts for nature- and environmental topics
  • Analysis of certificates
  • Sustainable communication of certificates
  • Development of flyers and brochures for environmental topics