Online expertise

Social Media

Social media is changing the communications landscape permanently and profoundly. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are omnipresent. The social networks are pushing more and more into the work place. They are an engine of opinion making. And they are fast.

Our expertise was honored in April 2011 with the German Prize for Online Communication. Overall, there were over 450 submissions in the category “Campaigns for Associations and NGOs ,” against which we were able to prevail. This pleases and spurs us on!

Social Media components are an indispensable part of campaigns and crisis communications today. Nebelung Kommunikation GmbH offers targeted service in this special field. We build a strong online brand by strategically placing Google search results and improving visibility in social networks. Targeted development and maintenance of Facebook accounts is one example.  A strategy developed in this way builds trust and generates attention for the brand or the company.

Our services include organization, monitoring and sharing in social networks through implementation, design and editing.

  •   Development and implementation of social media campaigns
  •   Community building
  •   Blogs
  •   Editorial advice and support
  •   Training

Our work for the Facebook presence of the “German Council of Shopping Centers e.V.” and our work on the people’s initiative “We want to learn!” in Hamburg demonstrate our media expertise.


We create customer websites from concept to design and programming to tailored texts.

  •   Design and implementation of business web presences
  •   Web design
  •   Complete editorial services for websites
  •   Websites with Typo3 and WordPress as a Content Management System
  •   Optimize HTML / graphics / load times
  •   Multilingual sites
  •   Strategic online communication
  •   Hosting, domains, e-mail addresses
  •   Website Design
  •   Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • HTML
  • css
  • Typo3
  • WordPress
  • php
  • Flash and Java via external service


We design and produce videos for documentation, internal communication, as well as for placement on websites and on YouTube:

  • Disseminate messages, views and the latest developments in video format
  • Process complex information quickly and clearly
  • Specific statements as a video response to rebut anonymous allegations
  • High acceptance and long user memory time
  • Speeches are recorded and disseminated.

Our videos are of high quality and meet the right tone.  Please see our example for the German Messe AG –> To reference

Also in the campaign for the referendum “We want to learn”, we have demonstrated our video expertise.  –> To reference


From the experience of many communication mandates, the team of Nebelung Kommunikation provides its clients editorial, consulting and content suggestions for all strategic projects.

We provide classic editorial work writing audience-oriented texts, editing structure and content, filtering and treating information for each specific mandate, editing images and graphics and managing external media service providers.

Print and online publications are project- and client specific and online platforms are specifically designed to meet the requirements of crisis communication.

Our editors work behind the scenes and as authors in blogs and social networks. We are able to work within existing structures and implement concepts creatively.

In addition, we provide multi-facetted media work: press releases, conversations and conferences, press kits and distribution lists, and we can even take over the function of a spokesperson, if needed.

Some anonymous references:

  • Defense of false allegations placed through media against a food manufacturer
  • Communications advice to members of an organization with internal conflicts, which became public
  • Press and media relations, as well as conceptual design, organization and implementation of the campaign for the referendum ” We want to learn ! ” In Hamburg
  • Communications advice to a company in insolvency for a successful new start by avoiding negative reporting from the beginning
  • Supervision of communications from a food manufacturer, which had suffered from European media criticism

For reference and  for our work for the people’s initiative “We want to learn!“ for the successful referendum in Hamburg read more here >>.