We are aware of the paramount importance of community engagement for the common good. For years our policy is to be actively involved in the formation and continual development of society.

Helmut Schmidt

Among other things, we support the goals of the initiative “I want Europe” because we believe in a peaceful, common, allied and sustainable Europe. Europe is not everything – but for our future as Germans, everything is nothing without Europe. Therefore we need each other, the EU, the Euro and mutual respect. Read more on the website of the initiative.

A selection of our social and environmental standards :

  • We train.
  • We have equal pay for women and men.
  • We offer part-time work opportunities for fathers and mothers.
  • We use Carsharing and provide this for our employees.

We are also active in the following institutions and initiatives :

  • Presseclub Hamburg e.V.
  • Überseeclub Hamburg e.V.
  • Centrum für Corporate Citizenship in Deutschland e.V., Berlin
  • Deutschland liest vor e.V., Berlin
  • Parlamentarische Gesellschaft Schleswig-Holstein e.V., Kiel
  • Jugend Aktiv e.V.  (sponsorship of highly talented high school graduates)