Reputation Management

We offer proven social media expertise, not only for maintenance but also for restoration of our client’s reputation.

In April 2011, we were awarded the German Prize for Online Communication. Overall, there were over 450 submissions in the category „Campaigns for Associations and NGOs.” We were able to prevail, which pleases and spurs us on!

Social Media components are an indispensable part of campaigns and crisis communication today. In this area we offer specialized service where we build a strong online brand by strategically assigning Google search results and making them visible in social networks. For example, development and maintenance of Facebook accounts.

Our experience is that this type of strategy builds trust and generates attention for the brand or the company.

Our service comprises construction, monitoring and maintenance of social networks through implementing, designing and editing.

  • Development and implementation of social media campaigns
  • Community – Building
  • Blogs
  • Editorial advice and support
  • Training

For demonstration and proof of our social media expertise, please see our work for the Facebook presence of the “German Council of Shopping Centers eV” and for the people’s initiative “We want to learn!“ in Hamburg.