Crisis & Conflict

Crisis communication

When journalists or even TV crews show up at a company, every company decision becomes visable and will be interpreted and brought to the public by the media and thus automatically becomes a link in the communication chain.

With proven prevention tools and knowledgeable, professional experience we can help to avoid those critical situations for companies, institutions, government agencies or non-profit organizations before they have a chance to happen.

We support our clients in dealing professionally with an increase in media interest. The most important principles are transparency and honesty.

Crisis communication and crisis management often require fast, but well considered action. An intensive cooperation between all parties involved is therefore necessary. Depending on the situation, we arrange interdisciplinary project teams – virtual and real – in which we work through a crisis situation together with either the entire management or just the CEO.

This is not just a matter of placing messages in the media to achieve goals and enforce interests. We also ensure that our customer’s good reputation is maintained or restored. This also includes the internal communication necessary to motivate employees and regain their trust.

Our crisis communication, developed and attuned to the clients’ needs, includes writing press releases, planning media meetings and carrying out conferences. Together with our clients, we precisely define the tonality and timing of media communication and align strategy and tactics accordingly.

Our portfolio also includes steering and implementing your communications between customers, business partners, owners, banks and other target groups if needed.

In addition to the usual online communication we are also able to install special online crisis websites or so called “Dark Sites”. We create temporary internet sites that deal with the crisis or partial aspects. Special content for employees or other target groups can be included as well.

Together with trained coaches and psychologists we help to maintain the individual, personal stability of those responsible for difficult management decisions during periods of
particularly high pressure.

Overview of our portfolio for crisis communication and crisis management :

  • Crisis Prevention
  • Acute crisis communication in all directions
  • Intervention communication
  • Online communication, online crisis websites, “Dark Sites”
  • Assumption of speaker and moderator functions
  • Crisis Media Coaching
  • Psychological Crisis Coaching
  • Crisis Follow-up